The Handpresso is the world’s first portable human-powered espresso machine. A unique product invented in France by Henrik Nielsen, a true coffee lover. It requires no electricity and can be operated anywhere. It uses a simple manual pumping system, like a bicycle pump, to force hot water through your favourite coffee to produce a shot of espresso. Think of the possibilities – while hiking, camping, boating, offices, dorms, small apartments – the possibilities are just endless. This unique portable espresso brewer is a no mess, no fuss, travel companion which allows you to brew a fresh cup of premium quality espresso – anywhere, anytime!

The Handpresso is available in two models, the Wild E.S.E. which uses widely available E.S.E. espresso pods and the Wild Domepod which allows you to use your favourite ground coffee. The Handpresso Wild is available in an attractive glossy black finish or vibrant red for a slight up charge.

Download our video of The ultimate espresso solution

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