As with all things, proper maintenance is the best prevention against damage or malfunction. In order to get the most out of your Handpresso system, we suggest you thoroughly read and understand the operating manual, and also follow the procedure outlined in the lubrication guide.

Download The Handpresso User Manual

Proper Lubrication Procedure

Warranty Information and Repairs

If your Handpresso fails to perform to your expectation while it is still covered under the applicable warranty period, you are authorized to courier the unit to us for inspection and repair or replacement at our discretion:

Handpresso Warranty
C/O Ultimate Espresso
12 Boyd Meadow Court
Woodbridge, ON
L4L 9J1

Please include all components which came with your Handpresso unit in the original packaging and also include any information which could assist us in diagnosing the failure.

PLEASE NOTE: attempting to open the Handpresso unit on your own and breaching the internal chamber will void your warranty.