What is an E.S.E. Espresso Pod? 

The E.S.E. Pod, or Easy Serving Espresso pod, is made under agreement to fit certain specifications and thus fit the E.S.E.certified machines to brew up a high quality shot of espresso. It is intended to be standardized and single use so that pods of all manufacturers will fit in all machines that are made to take an E.S.E.Pod.

The E.S.E.pod is 44-45 millimeters in diameter, and usually comes in a “single” that contains approximately 7 grams of finely ground espresso coffee. The sometimes seen “double” is approximately 14 grams of coffee and must use special modified holders to accommodate the larger pod.

The E.S.E.pods do NOT fit in a “Single Serve Coffee” machine like a Senseo that take 55 millimeter pods and do not brew under high pressure (usually 15 bars) like an espresso machine.

The hope is that the E.S.E.Pod offers convenience and higher quality results when users brew espresso across machines and different brands of espresso. The pod approach eliminates grind size issues, mess, dose issues and sometimes a lot of mess. The downside of a pre-dosed pod is that it does not offer the freshness of a locally roasted coffee that is ground for each brew.








Caffe Gioia “Classico” espresso pods

Aroma and body just like an espresso served at the Bar. The blend of 50% quality Arabica and 50% quality Robusta create a full bodied, very rich, typical Neapolitan espresso.

Perfectly roasted, ground and conveniently formed into 7 gram 45 mm E.S.E. pods and then vacuum sealed so they’re ready when you are to deliver a fresh cup of extremely aromatic and delicious espresso.

Available in convenient 20-pod counter top dispenser box and our super value packed 150 pod cases so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to serve up premium espresso whether at home or on the go.

Decaffeinated and 100% Arabica flavours are also available.


Tried dozens, this is outstanding!, 7.19.2009

Reviewer: Steve

I’ve tried dozens of pod brands in my semi-commercial machine and found the Caffe Gioia to be among the best and a good value too. In addition to good rich taste these pods are packed perfectly to produce just the right amount of espresso in 20-22 seconds and perfect crema nearly 1/4″. If you have a cheap machine that does not produce enough pressure, however, you might do better with cheaper pods that are not so well packed. Try the sampler packs.

The best espresso I’ve ever had, 7.8.2009

Reviewer: Chump ( New York , NY , US )

I’ve been into espressos and lattes for about 8 years now. After moving to NY and visiting all local Italian coffee shops, I’ve declared one of them to be a winner. The owner of the shop eventually gave me the brand name of the coffee. Biggest mistake 🙂 as I got the pods and drink usually about 2 espressos a day at home. The specific flavor of the coffee is just unbeatable. You must try it.

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