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Ultimate Espresso is committed to providing premium espresso solutions for home, office and hospitality. Now you can liven up any corporate event or social function with one of our fun and creative espresso based service offerings.

The Brasilia Maki Capsula!

Our talented and outgoing baristas are trained to take charge and serve up our delicious espresso with our sleek and sexy Brasilia Maki Capsula espresso maker. These small but hardy little machines are designed to operate in less than a square foot of space and use the latest bio-degradable espresso capsule technology. As part of our service we feature Caffe Gioia  Espresso Capsules. Each package is individually vacuum sealed to maximize freshness and flavour, and ready to serve up a perfect shot of espresso that rivals larger espresso-bar machines but without the costly and complicated setup normally required. Treat your guests to an outstanding espresso experience after a gourmet meal that will be sure to leave a lasting impression long after your event.

Two service options are available. Choose from our hourly service model, where you simply rent as many baristas and machines as you require and order as much espresso as you think you will consume, or if you feel you will serve a minimum of 200 shots, you may want to consider our all-inclusive cost per shot option, where we simply show up with everything you need to serve up our delicious espresso and just charge you for every shot. Either way, we`ve got you covered. Ask about how you can get the Brasilia Maki Capsula absolutely FREE when you subscribe to our incredible EspressUfficio service.

Hourly Service Options:
Baristas: $50 per hour, $250 minimum per day
Brasilia Maki Capsula: $50 per hour, min 3 hours, or $150 per day flat rate
Plus $1 per shot (on consumption), min 1 case (100 capsules)

For larger events, we provide enough machines and baristas to service your guests.
$5 per shot (minimum of 200 shots)

Brasilia Purchase:
NEW: $295 per unit, includes 1 FREE case of coffee
POST EVENT: $150 per unit

Note: all of our services include cups, napkins, stir sticks and sugar packets. Water source required.

No Electricity?
No Problemo with the Handpresso!

Take your espresso experience mobile with the Handpresso Wild E.S.E. The Handpresso is the world`s first mobile espresso maker, which produces a premium quality shot of espresso using human power and without the use of electricity. All you need is a supply of hot water and our E.S.E. pods. Ideal for outdoor corporate picnics, golfing events, concerts, etc… You can also use the Handpresso to create exciting and competitive Pump, Drink and Win contests that will get everyone in on the action while enjoying premium quality espresso.

We offer a turnkey self-serve rental solution which includes everything you need to pump premium quality espresso into your event with an option to purchase the units you use as gifts or prizes for your guests at a promotional rate.

Handpresso Rental:
$10 per unit per hour, minimum 5 hours, or $50 per day flat rate
Plus $1 per espresso shot, minimum 1 case (150 pods)
Baristas: $50 per hour, $250 minimum per day

For larger events, we provide enough machines and baristas to service your guests.
$5 per shot (minimum of 200 shots)

Handpresso Purchase:
NEW: $125 per unit, includes bonus travel case
POST EVENT: $75 per unit
BONUS: FREE CASE of espresso (150 pods) with 5 unit purchase

*Note: additional charges apply for delivery and setup, applicable taxes extra. Hot water source required.

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