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Singolo Espresso Capsules

Astonishingly good espresso. Nothing more, nothing less.


Singolo Espresso Capsules

Excite your senses with four great flavours and freshness vacuum sealed in an advanced eco-friendly bio-degradable capsule system designed to deliver the perfect shot of espresso every time. ¬†Each box contains 15 capsules sealed in a nitrogen infused vacuum pouch that’s guaranteed to stay fresh on your shelf for 2 years. Once opened, each capsule is also vacuum sealed and will stay fresh for up to 3 months – not that you’ll want to wait that long to enjoy such great espresso.


Dense, intense, aromatic and very creamy. A classic blend of Central and South American coffee, roasted to perfection and as Italian as suits on scooters.


Fair-trade, organic . A mellow roast with a smooth, fruity finish. Passport stamps from Peru, Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Nicaragua.


Strong character that stands on its own or is complimented beautifully with milk to produce a rich and creamy latte or cappuccino. A rich, complex, medium roast blend, from Peru, Mexico and Sumatra.


Our Vigore blend but without the added kick of caffeine. Perfect for those late night shots. All the flavour you expect from a great espresso.

7 gr. espresso capsules:
Vacuum sealed in convenient pouches of 15 capsules.
Individually vacuum sealed capsules:
Guaranteed fresh for up to 3 months.
Eco-friendly bio-degradable plastic:
15 Capsules per box:



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